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You Have a Vaping Responsibility

You Have a Vaping Responsibility

As a vaper, you need to take responsibility and ensure we are not adding to the environmental problem.

 When it comes to the environment and protecting our planet, we are far more conscious of the issues than ever before.

As vapers, we can’t hide from the fact that our actions have an impact but that doesn’t mean we’re not in a position to do something about it.

Vapes use both plastic and hazardous waste.

That’s bad right? Well, yes it can be so as a vaper, you need to take responsibility and ensure we are not adding to the problem.

What can you do to help?



The bottles that provide your e-liquid are generally plastic. On the bottom of your bottle, you will have a triangle symbol which will contain a number inside. It’s likely that number will be 1. Each plastic product will have this symbol and the number indicates the type of plastic it is.

1 = Polyethylene Terephthalate (Pete)


This is the easiest plastic to recycle and likely to found in your juice bottles, water bottles and such like.

What can you do to help the recycling process?


Well, don’t just dump and run! Wash your bottles out thoroughly, removing any nicotine waste, seal them and then place them in your normal recycling bin.



Your vape cartridge (coil) is the part of the vape that holds the flavor but the reality is, if not managed correctly, can have a negative effect on the environment. To dispose of these in the same way as other materials, you should remove the filler and wash it to remove all nicotine residue. Then wash the cartridge itself and only then should it be placed in your recycling bin. If there is a nicotine leak, this can have harmful effects on the environment and wildlife.

 Your batteries are also classed as hazardous waste as they contain harmful chemicals. There is only one way to dispose of them and that’s to take them to a battery recycling point. Please do not just throw these away as the lithium they contain can be extremely harmful.

Your device (MOD) is made up of several components and once you have removed and disposed of responsibly, the juice, cartridge, and batteries, you can then wash your device thoroughly and place in either the plastic or glass recycling bin.

One of the things you can do to reduce the impact you are having is to purchase bigger bottles of juice. If you opt for a 100ml bottle instead of two 50mls, you are already reducing the amount of plastic that has to be broken down and recycled.

At Liquid City, we are environmentally conscious. We provide a service and need to be responsible with that so if you are not comfortable in recycling your products, please do bring or send them into us and we will dispose of them for you. This includes your disposable vapes.


Stay safe, stay responsible and stay environmentally conscious.

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