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Vaporesso Day - A Huge Success!

Vaporesso Day - A Huge Success!

If you are local to us or follow us on social media, you can't have missed that we recently held a Vaporesso Day in store. 

Vaporesso Day advert

We are pleased to say that it was a huge success and we thought we would share a few of the reasons why. 

As a shop, we've been around for a while now. In fact, we are coming up to our 4th birthday so keep your eyes peeled for an even bigger and better celebration. 

We have been nurturing our relationship with Vaporesso for a while. Although we stock many suppliers, we have noticed the effort that Vaporesso are putting into developing new, exciting and high quality devices. 

They are up there with the best when it comes to trends and in our humble opinion, provide a fantastic solution for everyone. Whether you are looking to quit smoking and start your vaping journey or are a serious cloud vaper, you'll find a product to suit. 

Because of their range of devices, we have helped hundreds of customers this year to either quit smoking or get off the disposables and on to a more cost efficient and healthier device. 

So, when Shannon from Vaporesso suggested that we held a Vaporesso Day. we were on it like sonic!

Shannon and Lucy at their Vaporesso stand

For us, it wasn't worth doing half-heartedly. Shannon had promised to bring a lot of promotional materials with her as giveaways but why should it all be left to her?

So, the team spent weeks coming up with ideas to provide a fun and engaging day for our customers to enjoy and started promoting it as soon as we had a date. 

And, we think we succeeded in every way!

First and foremost, we wanted our customers to have fun so we focussed on what games we could play.

We chose three in total, including, hole in one, beat the time and longest cloud. They were £1 a game and if you bought all 3, customers had a bonus and could spin the Vaporesso wheel for a guaranteed prize.

Here’s what happened.

- Only one person achieved a hole in one

- No-one beat Kevs time

- Everyone beat Kev's smoke cloud!

And most importantly, everyone who played all three walked away with a prize from Vaporesso!

Three games being played

We had drinks available as well as sweets and muffins for all to enjoy.

We also threw in an amazing raffle where we have 4 devices and a £40 voucher to give away. You can still buy a ticket for these as the draw takes place on October the 31st.

And let’s not forget the selfie competition. We had some amazing poses for that one. We even had a pooch!!!

Selfie frames

It’s safe to say that by the end of the day, the whole team was exhausted but boy, did we have fun!!!

In stock, we had the popular XROS devices, the new XROS Q2 and Q2SE, the Luxe XR Max and the Luxe X Pro’s and we can now reveal that on that day, the Luxe X Pro was by far our biggest seller! (We approve of your choice).

We would like to extend a massive thank you to Shannon and Lucy who came down and supported us not only on the day but in the lead up to the event too. #WeLoveVaporesso.

 The Liquid City & Vaporesso Team

And to our amazing customers who came in their droves. We appreciate every single one of you. Your support truly does mean the world to us.

If you popped in on Vaporesso Day, we hope you enjoyed it and if you missed it, look out for our big birthday bash announcement!

Here’s to more happy vapers from the best vape shop in town! (It’s true; our customers said so!).

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