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Why we refuse any ‘under counter’ selling

There’s something smelly in the air and it’s not the delicious flavours of our lovely vapes; it’s the stink of the black market and the dodgy traders who are in it to make a quick quid without any thought to the damage to your health.

So, we are taking a stand!

As a local vape shop, we are continuously battling with unauthorised and unethical back street traders who are telling our customers, it’s ok to break the UK legal limit of nicotine and it’s cool to drown your lungs with unknown substances and an intolerable amount of nicotine. You can probably hear the frustration in this blog. And we are frustrated because these traders aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I have literally just seen a post on Facebook asking where someone can get these and the list was endless! 

There has been a huge rise in the trend of disposable vapes. Regardless of whether or not the UK Government can at any time issue a ban on these products, customers are buying them in their droves. We are delighted to have your custom (although we would prefer to set you on a different path if the choice was ours). However, whilst the brands we use have been through strict UK testing facilities and have all been officially approved, the vapes you are buying elsewhere may not have been. 

What exactly are we talking about? To put it simply, Disposable vapes.

In the UK, the legal nicotine limit is 2mg (20%). This is the equivalent of a pack of 20 cigarettes. Let’s face it, that’s a cracking nicotine hit. 

However, you can get your hands on disposables with up to 45mg+  nicotine if you know where to look. NOT GOOD..

Let’s be logical about this. Firstly, why on earth would you want more than the equivalent of 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine in your body at any one time? Aside from the addiction issues, (and by the way, if they ever do get banned, you are going to have a real problem), it’s also what’s in the vape that you need to consider. 

All legal vapes and disposables go through a vigorous trial; testing every single product and chemical that’s put into it. Anything that isn’t legal has not been through the UK process which means you have no idea what you’re putting directly into your lungs. 

Doesn’t this defeat the object of vaping?

Vaping was supposed to be a solution to giving up smoking. Where patches and nicotine gum didn’t hit the spot, vaping was a great way to get your body used to the gradual drop in nicotine. 

These illegal devices seem to be just for fun. 

Isn’t it time to wake up? If they aren’t legal, there’s a reason. It has nothing to do with tax or what the government can make, and has everything to do with the fact THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

If you want real advice from a shop that cares, then pop in and talk to our very friendly team. We won’t feed you any bull and we will help you to find the right vaping path for you. It’s worth noting that a conversation with your children isn’t a bad idea. Whilst underage selling is also an issue, these young teenagers are picking up a habit to be cool in front of their friends with no idea of the consequences. (We’ve been here before!).

Let’s start doing the right thing. Use vape shops who have your best interests at heart and if you do come across a back street trader (and these can be in the form of well-known shops), report them to your local Council who act as a filter for trading standards. 

Stay safe and happy (legal) vaping!

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