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The Start

The Start


The Beginning

We're on an exciting journey to strive to have the best experience for vapers could ever wish for. Our trendy and welcoming shop has cosy seating and a relaxing atmosphere. We also do competitions, exclusive E-cigarettes , multi-deals and most importantly have fun doing it! leaving our customers with a smile on their face when they visit us.

We wanted to stand out from the crowd here at Liquid City by offering a unique vibe in our store. Liquid City has been operational since April 2020 and has gone from strength to strength since. Despite the Covid restrictions and Government Guidelines that has restricted us we have carried on growing. Not ideal by any means but despite that we have built up a ever growing loyal customer base in the short time that we have been open, we cherish every one of you customers . Actually this would be a good time to express some gratitude to you all for helping us achieve what we have in the short time. so thank you! :)


After finding the dream shop and location we signed the contract and it was full steam ahead. Cue the manic ordering of stock, all the legalities like insurance and safety out the way we started decorating. The shop was in dire need of a refurbish so we put a plan into place to create our vision of an American industrial bar type theme with lots of wood and funky amber lighting and leather seating, create the calm and relaxing ambiance needed. Customers are always complimenting the vibe here. The moment they walk in they get an immediate wow factor because it's unlike any other vape shop they have visited before.


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