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Like most people, I need a coffee in the morning and that is how we start this day. It was a cold dark Wednesday morning around 7:30 am and the work alarm was going off on the phone, You know I hit that snooze button at least once. A cold but dry day as the sunshine just started to break through the few grey clouds in the sky. I am greeted by the waggling tail of a big old black Lab who wants his breakfast. So start the morning routine and get out the door.

Heading to the shop to get it opened up for 9 am. We normally get that early bird customer who is hammering down the door, so we always aim to get there at least 15 minutes beforehand as we need to get set up and ready for the hustle and bustle. Lights, till and the kettle are on ready for that intake of caffeine (there may be a few throughout the day). 

The shop is open and the rest of the team is in. Already the banter starts and the usual questions are asked.  How are you doing? Now this all depends on the mood of the morning and what the team actually did with their evenings. That out the way and coffee being sipped the customers start to arrive. Greeting them with a friendly smile and the best customer service around is one of our top priorities. Now I know everyone says that but we do it so well that most of our customers stick about for a chat and share life stories.

Behind the scenes, work is underway and discussed about upcoming events and promotions that need to be put into place and become ready for the set date. Alongside this admin work gets carried out by checking invoices and emails. Social media posts need to be created and planned. Website work and orders placed. Backoffice stock checks and stock orders to be made on time keeping our customers coming back and showing that we can provide for them on their vape journey.

Helping customers new and regular on their vape journey is why we exist as a company. Helping you give up the ciggies and move on to an NHS-proven healthier option like vaping. 98% better than smoking we go to work every day hoping to tackle this. Cigarettes need to be banned and vaping needs to become the only product available. We would love the vape shop to be the only place you could get vapes and eliquids as you can get all the information to help regarding this. You go into your local corner shop and they have no idea. Even in those supermarket giants that don't have the time and correct information to help. 

As the day goes on and the evening comes in, We start to finish up and clean the shelves, counter and floors. Re-stocking the shop for the new day tomorrow, We serve the final customers just making it in before the close of the shop. Cash up and lock up is all that is left. So a friendly good job team is said and enjoy your evenings as team liquid heads home for that well-earned rest. 

We never know what the next day will bring or even what the month or year has in store for us all. But as an individual or even as a company we can always make the most of each day.

A day at a time, A day in the life, That is how I shall leave you. 


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